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Don’t Let A Clog Ruin Your Day

Get your clogged drain up and running again with drain cleaning services offered by Master Tech Plumbing. Call us today to properly unclog toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, garbage disposals, sewer drains, or any other slow or backed-up drain in your home or business.

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Common Signs of a Clogged Drain

  • Water backs up into the sink, toilet, or shower

  • Water drains slower than usual

  • Toilet water bubbles when running the bathroom sink

  • Bubbling noises coming from a drain

  • A bad smell coming from the drain

  • Water puddles on the floor or inside the cabinet near the drain pipe

How We Clean Drains

If you have a clogged drain, we’ll start by using a professional drain snake that can bend with the pipes to clear any debris. The snaking equipment can easily cut through the buildup, allowing it to flow out of the drain. Additionally, the drain snake can also pull out larger foreign objects. After we snake the clogged drain, we may use or recommend a natural drain cleaner to clear up any additional debris. The drain cleaner that we use is chemical-free, eco-friendly, and safe to use. If the drain still isn’t clog-free, we may have to take apart some pieces of the pipe to try and clear any larger, stubborn clogs out. We may also have to replace any faulty pipes or related drain equipment.

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Emergency Unclogging

Having any drain backed up is not good for your drainage system and getting slow drains unclogged quickly will be important. If you notice that a drain in your home or business is clogged, call Master Tech Plumbing as soon as possible so we can get an emergency plumber out to your location fast. We use modern drain cleaning techniques and tools including Hydroscrub Jetting that will unclog any drain in a pinch. If you’re in need of emergency drain cleaning, call our plumbing team at Master Tech Plumbing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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How To Protect Your Drains From Clogging

  • Be wary of what goes into your garbage disposal and how much work you make it do

  • Flush only toilet paper down the toilet — nothing else, including wet wipes

  • Use drain strainers in the sink and shower to catch hair, food, and more

  • Try not to cut your hair, shave, or clip your fingernails over the sink

  • Call the professionals once a drain gets noticeably backed up, clogged, or slow

Preventative Drain Maintenance

To hire our plumbing team for drain cleaning services, you don’t necessarily need to have a clog in your drain. Having preventative maintenance performed on your home or business’s drains is important for the longevity and reliability of your drains — especially if you have had clogging issues in the past or own an older home or building. Contact Master Tech Plumbing to schedule an appointment for drain cleaning in Charlotte.

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Why Choose Master Tech Plumbing?

  • Licensed plumbing professionals

  • Friendly and hard-working plumbers

  • Bonded, licensed, and insured

  • Locally owned and operated plumbing company

  • Upfront and honest plumbing service quotes

  • Available for emergency drain cleaning

  • Modern snaking equipment such as Hydroscrub® Jetting

Plumbing Services in Charlotte

Backed by more than 20 years of experience, Master Tech Plumbing are your Top-Rated Local® plumbers in Charlotte, North Carolina. We offer a comprehensive list of commercial and residential plumbing services including drain cleaning with Hydroscrubbing and water heater repair and replacement. Additionally, we also offer home renovation and remodeling services. From water leaks and unclogging sinks to bathroom renovations and plumbing fixture installations, we do it all. Ready to schedule your drain cleaning service? Contact the Master Tech Plumbing experts today.